Monday, May 16, 2011

"Your Kharma Hit My Dharma"

Pardon the pun :D
"Your Kharma Hit My Dharma" is actually the title of a song on the soundtrack to the fifth season of Lost.. I figured it would go great with our blog title, so yea.
I myself am admittedly a huge Lost fan, which is why I am so incredibly thankful for my friend Chris who just went to FedCon and brought me this:
My very own Dharma button!! Well actually it's more of a brooch =) Isn't that just the nicest thing? I was totally surprised! Anyways, I love it! Now I just have to figure out what outfit to match this with... maybe my Oceanic Airlines hoody? Haha kidding, no well I do have one but this button wouldn't go with it .. what can I say, I'm kind of a geek sometimes :)

I'll tell you all about what I got today tomorrow, so for now: good night!
xo, Lizzy

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