Saturday, June 4, 2011

A hint of Vintage

Today I found this cute wicker purse in our basement. It belonged to my mom and must have been there for years. She told me she doesn't like clutches and I could have it *yay*. I love it because it's totally different than most handbags you see these days. I put a pair of sunglasses in the photo so you can guess the size.

I really like the structure of the material and the contrast with the dark blue leather. I figured it'd be more of an accessory since I'd never be able to fit my stuff in there, because it's rather small and open at the sides, so I did a test-run and I was actually able to pack pretty much everything I need [cellphone, keys, ID, money, lipgloss, chapstick, powder, hairband..]. I guess I will be wearing this out after all.

I find that my mom's old stuff is often something I would really like to have, so I encourage you to go look for things your mom or even grandma isn't using anymore. You'll find some great vintage pieces, especially jewelry and accessories! This is basically thrifting, just without the ick-factor and without having to pay :)

xo, Lizzy

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