Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a beautiful day!

Usually I'm really more of an autumn/winter person, but today was sooo beautiful, I couldn't resist being happy :) It was about 28°C [92°F] warm, which is more than enough for me and the sky is oh-so blue. Couldn't resist snapping some pictures for you ...

there's sooo many butterflies flying around today!
the guy is cutting grass on the meadow next to our house..
I just LOVE the smell of hay!
I found this cute little hairpiece I used to love as a child,
couldn't resist wearing it :)
my nailpolish actually matched those flowers, haha :D
The colour is 03 don't bite me - kiss me by essence's eclipse LE
the pool is warming up as well...
I think I'll go for the seasons' first swim later if it's not too cold 
OK forget that, it's still way too cold :D

I hope everybody's having a beautiful day, too!!
xo, Lizzy

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