Monday, June 13, 2011

It's A Pencil.. No Wait, A Lipgloss??

Hey Ladies, 
this is part two of my KIKO haul review series =)
Let me tell you about the Pencil Lip Gloss!

The packaging:
A lipgloss as a pencil? At first I was like --wtf? but then the idea kinda intrigued me. So, I could tell you that the stick contains 2.27g / 0.08 oz. of product, but I don't think you can really imagine what that means :) The pencil is about 8.7cm / 3.4 in long and I do think it'll last a while because you put on less than you would need with a regular lipgloss.

The price:
I paid 3.90€ for this pencil.

The result:
KIKO promises:
          Lips glossed and well contoured in a single gesture.
I agree with that. Applied this looks like a well pigmented lipgloss but without the stickiness =) At first I thought it'd basically be like a lipstick but it does feel more moist and glossy.

 When I first applied the lip-gloss-pencil it reminded me of MAC's Viva Glam Gaga so I swatched them together.
They're not really all that similar after all :)

In total:
I think this is a very cool compromise halfway between lipstick and lipgloss, it isn't very opaque but I like that. It's also not very expensive so I'll give it 5 stars (hearts) :D
I hope you had a great Whitsun weekend!
xo, Lizzy

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