Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAC Mini Haul and New Shoes

Today I was with a friend of mine in the city after school because I wanted to pick up two things from MAC.
The first thing was MAC's mascara Plush Lash (17.50 €) in black and the Pressed Blot Powder (21.00 €) in medium. I read only good things about those two products and people were really exited about them so I thought I'd try them.

I really like the mascara's brush because it seems to be perfect to create long thick lashes. The formula is a deep rich black and not too wet nor too dry.
The powder's formula is silky smooth and applies evenly. The colour is a muted light beige and thankfully not yellowish.

Furthermore, my friend and I tried on some shoes and I ended up with this pair of beautiful high heels. They are grey and with those elastic bands they are really comfortable for such a height.

I hope you all had a nice Tuesday!
xo, Kate

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