Tuesday, June 28, 2011

notd: hippie chick

I really wanted to wear this old pair of earrings again, but they don't really go with anything so I decided to make my nails match them :D

I focused on the colorful little slices or whatever, and I think I found three polishes which match them pretty well. But coloring all of my nails like that would have been too much, so I applied a muddy brown on the rest of the nails (all of the nails you can't see are brown as well) and used a shatter nailpolish to tone the crazy color down. On my left ringfinger I applied all three colors in stripes, while on the right hand each color got it's own nail :) Last but not least I covered everything with a shiny top coat.

So these are the nailpolishes I used:
Chanel 505 Particulère
P2 Color Victim 222 Artful
Isadora Graffiti Nail Top 801 Black Tag 
essence Eclipse LE 03 Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me
P2 Color Victim 240 Joyful

I really like wearing shatter polishes because they tend to stay on really long and even if you chip the color it doesn't matter because it's already a messy look so you can just add a drop of polish on the blank spot and the nail's all fixed :)

Have a great day!!
xo, Lizzy

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