Friday, June 24, 2011


We just posted that Kate and me went out dancing last night, however I still had class this morning, which means I barely got 3 hours of sleep tonight. Plus the weather has been really annoying, the reports always say that it's gonna rain but then the day ends up being really warm and sticky.. So I wanted my outfit to be quick, comfy and layered. This is what I came up with...

Elements of my outfit: [from top left to bottom right]

I got this charm necklace by Fossil from Amazon about a year ago. I really like the little key, reminds me of Tiffany's, however it's a lot cheaper. So until I can afford the real deal, I like this alternative :)
I really like Mustang clothing, especially shoes and belts!
Today was definitely one of those *put on shades so no one notices how beat you look* days :) I picked this pair up at a drugstore last summer.
Today I'm wearing the colour 249 dangerous by P2 [better pic].
Make Up
Obviously I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my make up today, so I just focused on concealing my dark circles, highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and applying a shimmery light shadow with a teeny bit of brown eyeliner. 
I'm wearing a pale pink top by Laura Scott. I really like the lacy edge and the subtle colour. I paired it with a black cardigan from the Denim Essentials line by Tchibo. I like this one because it has a lot of buttons and when closed the double edge becomes kind of flouncy :)
For classes I usually use my trusted studded bag. It's not real leather and by no particular brand, and even though it's probably soon gonna start to fall apart I still really like it. It has the perfect size because it can easily fit a folder or two and a bottle of water and everything else I usually carry :)
Today I decided to go with my trusted Chucks because I was anticipating bad weather, I have to walk quite a bit when going to my classes and they're so super comfy :) This model [photo] was from the Converse Red line a few years back.
I really really like Jeans by AJC by Arizona. For some reason they pretty much always fit me =) I just got this pair two weeks ago because I like the slightly destroyed look and its washed out colour.

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