Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pearly Copper

...that's what rame perlato means. It's the name of this nailpolish I picked up at KIKO yesterday, and it's the first of the products I want to review in a bit more detail.
The packaging:
KIKO nailpolishes come in your basic angular bottle. It contains 11ml/0,37fl.oz. which is a nice normal size.
[for comparison: Chanel polishes contain 13ml, OPI 15ml, Artdeco 6ml, IsaDora 6ml]
The brush is nice, it's flat but not too broad and seems to have a good quality.

The price:
This polish costs 2,50€, which is very affordable.

The result:
This is what KIKO's website tells us:
[I gave it my best shot translating the description from Italian..]
Without streaks, the colour reveals all its intensity and purity with the first coat. The varnish dries in a few moments and remains unchanged over time.
Basically they promise a smooth, opaque, long-living nailpolish. I definitely agree with the first two. It applies very smoothly and gives almost full coverage with just one coat [I don't know however, if this applies to all colours or just this one]. About the durability, well I painted my nails about 30 hours ago I'd say, and it still looks nice, there's a fine line at the tip where it's worn off but I did not use either a base or top coat so I think this is still an acceptable result.

right after applying it...

...and 1 day later

In total:
I definitely like this nailpolish. Obviously it's no high-end product but the quality seems nice enough and the colour does look good. I would prefer it to be a bit harder maybe.

That's about all there is to say about one nailpolish, so I hope this was useful to some of you and that you'll be back on this blog :)
xo, Lizzy

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