Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shades Of Grey

Hey Girls!
Let me tell you something about the Avio Multicolour eyeshadow, part 4/5 of my KIKO haul.

The packaging
With 1.8g / 0.06 oz. the KIKO eyeshadows come in a rather large box, which looks nice with the matt bottom and shiny lid.

The prize
This eyeshadow sells at 5.90€.

The result
KIKO's website promises:
This type of eyeshadow always gives a bright and light result which is very easy to achieve.
As with all baked eyeshadows they don't really apply very opaque, however this colour is absolutely gorgeouswith a purple undertone in the grey and blue as well as red-ish shimmer particles. It can be beautifully layered with other grey shadows or black.

In total:
The colour of this eyeshadow is very beautiful however it is not that opaque and you need to pack on quite a lot of it. There was quite a bit of fallout so you need to be careful and definitely wear a good base.

xo, Lizzy

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