Thursday, July 21, 2011

something a little different

We've been doing a couple of NOTD looks using the stampy set by essence and a friend of ours [ Lisa-Kristina :D ] asked us to do a little how-to, so here it goes:

Basically you need three things to create a look like the ones we've been showing you [see here or here]:
♣ image plate ♣ scraper ♣ stamp ♣
The process takes a little practice but it is fairly easy, so we'll show you how to do it in 6 easy steps.

1 apply your favourite nailpolish as a base color and let it dry completely
2 pick a well pigmented and not too runny nailpolish and apply a little bit of it on the design of your choice
3 remove excess polish using the scraper, this takes some practice so you leave the right amount left on the plate
4 roll the stamp over the design [press it on] to transfer the polish onto it
5 now stamp the image onto your nail using a gentle rolling motion
6 after the design has dried, apply your favourite top coat over it and you're done! :)

♣ you may want to clean the stamp, plate and scraper with polish remover after every nails
♣ this generally works better with darker colors
♣ for beginners it's easier to start with smaller designs, not the ones that cover the whole nail
♣ some designs may be more difficult to work with than others, but they may also vary with different polishes so just keep on experimenting

We've been sitting here for about 4 hours now, playing around with different color combinations, stamp designs et cetera :D
This is what the desk looked like in between.^^

We hope you give this method a try, it's really fun and allows you to create cool nail designs!

xo, Lizzy and Kate

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