Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Summer Bucket List: 44 Things To Do

There's so many different ways to spend your summer, and so many cool things to do! And since we often tend to say "Let's do this soon!" and we end up never doing it, we decided to make a little project out of it:

The Summer 44

We sat down and made a list of 44 (hence the name) things we've been wanting to do. Things we've never tried. Things we haven't done in ages. Basically just fun things to do over the summer!

We will be posting at least 4 photos as proof of every item we check off our list. And while some of the things we picked are rather easy, getting through them all will be quite a challenge. It's gonna be fun to see whether we can do them all before the beginning of autumn (September 23rd)!

Here's a little sneek peek:
    #   2  go to the zoo
    # 12  play the lottery
    # 17  have a picknick
    # 38  have a spa-day
    # 43  bonfire!

We're super excited about this summer project, but still, we're gonna have to wait a bit longer (for the semester to end), until we can really get into it! =)

Do you have any special plans for this summer? Let us know!
xo, Lizzy and Kate

flower corsages by Dorothy Perkins

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