Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brush Cleaning

Ladies it's really important to keep your brushes clean!
Especially face brushes can contain all sorts of bacteria you don't want to expose your skin to! Even if you have enough brushes to use a different one for each product you use a lot, you should remind yourself to clean them on a regular basis. Basically there's two methods for that:

Method 1: using tissue-paper
This is what you would do with a professional brush cleaner, however you can also just use make-up remover, toner or just plain water. All you do is wet either the brush or the tissue and then wipe the brush back and forth until there's no more color coming out of it. This is a quick and easy method, however it's not quite as thorough as method 2.

Method 2: Shampoo
If you want to really deep clean your brushes you can take a mild shampoo (try something without silicones - I use baby shampoo) or your face cleansing gel. Hold the brush under water to make it wet (always keep it upside down to make sure no water runs into the handle - that could dissolve the glue) and then dip it into the shampoo. Swirl the brush around and foam it up, you'll see how super quick this method cleans your brushes! You may have to repeat this with certain brushes (foundation, concealer, ..) but usually once is enough. Rinse out all of the foam (again- hold the brush upside down) , use your fingers (or a towel) to squeeze out the water and bring the brush back into form, then lay it down on a tissue or towel to let it dry (over night).

I hope this was helpful to some of you!!
xo, Lizzy

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