Friday, August 5, 2011

O.P.I. Designer Series 'Classic'

I already thought about purchasing a nailpolish from the O.P.I. Designer Series for quite some time now and at first I wanted to order one from Amazon, but a few days ago, Lizzy and I discovered a little store in Nuremberg which carries O.P.I., Korres and other interesting brands. We immediately browsed through the huge O.P.I. collection and both Lizzy and me bought a nailpolish. I think Lizzy will show you guys her colour soon, but until then, here is the Designer Series 'Classic':

I also bought another thing, an eyeshadow from Korres in 84S Sky Blue. The formula is nice, the eyeshadow is really soft and doesn't crumble, but the colour payoff unfortunately isn't the best. Anyway, I still love the colour! But see for yourself:

Do you like Korres products? Have you purchased anything from the Greek brand yet?

xo, Kate

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