Thursday, September 29, 2011

make them match?

I have lots of nailpolishes. Seriously. A lot. And most of the time I just stare at the box they're in and I have no idea which one to pick. Sometimes I just close my eyes, randomly draw 3 polishes from my box and force myself to use one or two of them :) With my usual black/grey/jeans attire I can do that without clashing.

But what about those times, when you actually wear something colorful?
Do you match your nails, leave them bare, or do you prefer having some contrast? Seriously, tell me :)

I just bought this pretty lilac top by melrose and I decided to try matching my nailpolish color to the shirt. I had never really done that before. If I decide to match, I usually go with the color of my shoes, jewelry or makeup..

I really like how it turned out, but I think that might be because this is a rather subtle color, a brighter one might be a bit weird.. or not? I honestly can't decide :D

The colors I used are 04 date me! by essence [cute as hell LE] and 020 opulent by p2 [what a girl wants LE]. The first color would have been almost a match on its own but I prefer it with this shimmery finish.

Oh btw that 'ring' is actually the little bow that was on the Christina Aguilera perfume bottle, I use the rose from the other scent as a ring as well :)

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