Thursday, September 8, 2011

Manhattan ♥ Oktoberfest LE

Manhattan has this great limited edition right now, called Manhattan ♥ Oktoberfest.

There are four lipstick shades, a bright bluish pink (35M), a bright red (44P), a purple (64N) and a sheer baby pink (55M); four blush shades, also a bright baby pink (Zuckerl Rose 55V), a more toned down pink (Dirndl Love 35P), a bright red (Wiesn Fever 43P) and a plum toned pink (Pink Gaudi 65M); blotting papers and also a mini mascara. I really love the blushes but I only bought one, because I have most of those colours already in my stash and unfortunately Wiesn Fever wasn't available anymore. So I only got Pink Gaudi.

I'm sorry, the picture wouldn't turn. :(

The colour is amazing and the texture feels really smooth, almost velvety. :) The colour payoff is also really good!

For more pictures, just click here.

Have you bought anything from this LE? Do you like the theme?

xo, Kate

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