Saturday, October 15, 2011

notd: waking up in vegas

part three :) 
click to see the other top coats from this LE: love / pop / roundup of all 4
today it's time for dance :D

I'm wearing the
essence re-mix your style LE dance top coat waking up in vegas
essence multi dimension 3in1 nailpolish 42 dress to party

flash / no flash

This polish is quite lovely and the most unusual of the four. As you can see it doesn't show much in bright lights and unless you're really looking at the nails you probably won't notice it, but when you do it's rather fascinating! The color ranges from bright orange to yellow and green and shimmery gold. I'm wearing just one coat so the effect is subtle but if you apply 2 or 3 coats of this polish it looks truly amazing! I just wish there was a polish to get this effect all over.. =)

katy perry - waking up in vegas

xo, Lizzy

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