Friday, January 6, 2012

crystalliced haul&review

Hey lovelies!

I picked up a few things from the crystalliced LE this week, and I thought I'd share them with you!
I bought 3 things: The hightlighter, a lipgloss and one of the glitter pigments.

liquid highlighter:

I'm usually a bit careful about silver-toned makeup, simply because I feel like warm colors look better on me, but I was really curious about this highlighter. I've never actually tried a liquid one before. I'm quite content with my powder ones and even though the Benefit ones look lovely, they're just a bit too pricey if you're not quite sure. Anyways, this highlighter has a rather sticky, creamy consistensy. One little pump, like in the photo, dabbed onto your cheekbones gives you a nice glowy result. Now, it looks very shiny here, but that's only if the light hits it directly and usually you wouldn't apply this much :) I applied it over my foundation, but before I added powder. This sets the product and blends it into your overall look.
I quite like this hightlighter, I think it's really nice for the winter. I can't say how it would hold up in comparison to the Benefit ones for example, but it costs only about one tenth, which I think is a good argument to try this one first :)


The color I chose is 03 ice crystals on my window. It's the most natural one and unless you put on a lot it doesn't look like much. I like that. It's a perfect everyday kind of color, a soft beige base with golden and pink shimmer. It smells (and tastes) nice :) The lipgloss is thick, sticky. It stays on longer than I expected! The packaging is really basic, with a normal spongy applicator.

glitter froster:

These are pretty cool. I purchased 01 frosted champaign, a lovely white golden color. The froster is meant for not only the face, but that's where I've been applying it so far. I'm not a big fan of body glitter :) It's a loose pigment so you'll want to make sure it has something to stick to. On your eyes, you'll definitely need an eyeshadow base. If you want it on your cheeks, make sure to apply it shortly after your foundation. On your body you might consider using a cream before the glitter. It will stick to the moisture. I've been using it on my lids and it holds up well, without too much fallout, when applied on a good base. The color's really nice! I've paired it with both light colors, like in the photo, and dark grey/black on New Years. Both look great!

I wore all three products together the other day, so you can see 'the big picture'.
I think the products are quite nice, nothing over the top, just a bit of frosty sheen for the cold winter months.
cheeks Almay powder blush pink 140crease color Mac eyeshadow sushiflower
eyeliner MakeUpFactory liquid eyeliner 01 blackmascara L'Oréal Voluminous x4

So what did you think of the crystalliced LE? Did you buy anthing?
xo, Lizzy


  1. Hello princess! This collection seemed like a waste until you have showed the illuminator. The tone I love!. I must tell you that the Benefit High Beam also provides SILVER light, so it is very similar!!. I think I'll go to the store to buy this Essence.
    A kiss!
    I'll tell you because here today are the "Wise Men" and I have received (presents!) a lot of cosmetic goodies! Smudge proof eyeshadow base of NARS, a MAC lipstick.... yujuuu!!

  2. You're too sweet :)
    Congrats on getting cool goodies today! Here this is just another holiday.. no gifts for us ^^