Saturday, May 26, 2012

bloomingdales haul

Hey lovelies!

So this is the last part of my NYC haul. (click for the rest of it: 1, 2 , 3, 4) I did buy some other things like a bunch of lotions from Bath&BodyWorks but since I can't swatch those and scent is very hard to describe, I'm not even gonna bother posting them here :) I also got UD's Naked2 but since Kate now has both palettes I'll leave the swatching and comparing up to her.

Most of these things I got at Bloomingdales, which makes them even more special to me :)
They cost the same as in any other store but it was so cool buying them there!

I'll do this post in the order in which I bought the products (why not^^), so let's start this off with the one thing that isn't from Bloomingdales  - the blush which I picked up at Sephora.

This is the tarte cosmetics Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Dollface. The product is completely cruelty free and contains a bunch of things to take care of your skin: beeswax, vitamin E & C, mineral pigments and Amazonian clay. The texture feels somehow drier and a bit chalkier than other blushes but I like that. It feels like you don't add that much product to your skin but you still get a great result. You can see in the picture, that it's pretty pigmented (normal swatch on the left and blended out on the right) and can look rather bright in the light so you really don't need a lot of product here! I love this blush and I'll definitely get another color when I have the chance!

Next up is the first thing I picked up at bloomindales, these two MAC brushes. I picked number 109 and 227 which I really love. The quality is incredible and I wouldn't want to miss these in my collection. The 109 is a pouffy round brush which has the perfect size and density for contouring, applying highlight or even blush. The 227 on the other hand is much denser and has shorter bristles which makes this brush so great for more detailed hightlighting (hello browbones!) and contouring or blending out eyeshadows.

The salesguy at MAC was so adorable and talked to me for so long. He helped me pick out these two lipsticks and bore with me for what felt like hours when I couldn't decide what I wanted as it was the end of the trip - not that much money left :)

I ended up getting the Viva Glam II and Viva Glam Nicki lipsticks. Both are satin finishes which give you the perfect mix of coverage and sheen. While II is a lovely 'my lips but better' color, Nicki is obviously a very bright pink and definitely the craziest lipstick I own. I rarely wear such colors but I couldn't resist this one, it's just too cool :D

bare lips / Viva Glam II / Viva Glam Nicki
Like most satin finishes I've tried so far these don't really dry out your lips or stick to flaky parts, but give you great coverage and stay on well (Peachstock is the only satin finish I own which is pretty dry).

After buying those things at MAC I really didn't want to spend any more money but I still had about 20min left until meeting my friends again so I walked by Benefit and the lady there asked me whether I wanted my makeup refreshed. If that ever happens to you, say yes! Oh my god that was so amazing! She started by removing all my makeup and then applied some moisturizer (which smelled and felt incredible) and spent a few minutes just massaging my face (*sigh*). She applied some of the Hello Flawless foundation (I do have the powder but that foundation was really amazing, very light but still great coverage!) and lightly set it with the power. She used some SunBeam, BellaBamba, cream eyeshadow.. and finished off with the they're Real! mascara. The whola shabang :D I really didn't expect her to give me the full makeover but she was so sweet! Didn't do the usual sales routine, trying to get me to buy stuff or anything. But I did pick up the mascara, I've been wanting to try that anyway :) Kate's been using it for a few months now, so for pictures you can go here, here or here :)

Like I said, the lady at benefit was super nice, she even gave me this sample bottle of sunbeam just like that :) I'm not really a fan of anything sticky on my face so I usually stay away from cream shadows or liquid blushes or anything like that, but I really do like this product! It's very light, not at all sticky and you only need a little bit. The golden sheen is subtle and not too out-there. Very nice!

That's it for my NYC haul :)
If you're ever there, you should definitely check out Bloomingdales, even if just for the super shiny interior design :D
But the service there is definitely amazing, as in basically every store I went to! Everyone was always super nice, thank you for that!
I'll end this with a bad cellphone pic of me marveling at the shiny-ness of it all :D
xo, Lizzy


  1. I'd love to see all those other goodies anyway. I'm not very good at describing stuff either, lol. At least tell us if you liked them.

    1. okay sure, I'll include the photo in my next post :)