Monday, June 4, 2012

avengers nails

Hey lovelies!

Have you seen the Avengers yet? I absolutely loved it, but if you've been reading this blog for a while now, you know I'm a big geek anyways :)

Lately lots of people have been doing Avengers inspired stuff, especially nail designs and while I love those super creative nails that feature the faces of the heroes or stuff like that, they're super hard to do and absolutely impossible to do on both hands. So I prefer designs which are simpler, yet still remind me of the movie or character and I came up with these five designs =)

This is a pretty straight forward and easy design, just apply a solid gold base, use some painters tape to cover up half of the nail and cover it with a red polish. I used one that isn't super opaque so you can see some of the metallic sheen through the red, just like Iron Man's suit.

I loved this design, it felt so elegant somehow - like Loki :) Again I used gold as a base color, then I covered the top part of the nail with the corner of the tape. I applied dark green polish over it and then used a very thin brush to line the edge of the color with black and add the tiny black dot.

This was definitely the most difficult design to do. I used red as a base, then taped off half and covered it with grey. The difficult part are the circles Thor has on his armor. I used those reinforcement rings for paper and then very carefully removed them, trying to get a straight edge on the circle. Takes some practice, but definitely worth it :)

For Captain America, I used a sponge to apply the blue polish over the red one, like you would with an ombre nail design. Make sure to use a top coat to get an all-over shine :)

The Hulk nails are definitely the craziest of these designs :D I used a bright green polish as a base and then applied some purple squiggles at the tips with a dotting tool. Pretty easy actually!

Hope you like them :)
xo, Lizzy

Gold: Jesse's Girl Fool's Gold
Red (Iron Man): OPI Keys To My Karma
Green (Loki): Essence 54 Trust In Fashion
Red (Thor+Cap.Am.): Essie Really Red
Grey: OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts
Silver: Astor 595 VIP Silver
Blue: Manhattan 710G
Green (Hulk): Catrice ACid/DC
Purple: (Mix of) Catrice Heavy Metallilac (&) Manhattan 57M