Sunday, July 8, 2012

little brush haul

Hey lovelies!

Tell me, what is your favourite brush-brand?

I used to use mainly cheaper brushes but lately I've been replacing mine with high(er)-end ones. I got those two MAC brushes in NY, but I didn't find the kind of foundation brush I wanted there, so I ended up finally ordering from Sigma.
I had heard only good things about their brushes before (especially because I really love TiffanyD's videos and she swears by them) but unfortunately they're not available here. So I had to order them online which took forever (like everything that comes from the US..) and was a teeny bit annoying (customs..) but then I finally got them and I'm so happy :D

I only ordered 3 brushes, because I wanted to try them first and was running a little low on money at the time :D

  • The first one I got is the large powder brush. The F30 is a nice big fluffy brush which is perfect for applying powder all over the face. It's dense enough to be precise but can also cover larger areas.
  • My new favourite brush is the F82. This round kabuki has about a diameter of 3cm (at the end of the bristles) and because the bristles are rather short and so dense it doesn't spread out that much. The brush is super soft and I absolutely love it for buffing out foundation and concealer. The brush is a bit shorter (15cm in total) which makes it really handy and also good for travel. I really really love this brush!
  • Last but not least, I've been wanting this flat definer brush. The E15 is really nice for applying liner or eyeshadow along the lashlines and really wiggling it between them. I have a few angled brushes but I really wanted a straight one. The bristles are also really soft, so you can use this on your waterline without your eyes getting irritated. 

I have to say, these brushes are really great quality and I kinda regret not ordering more of them, I'll definitely check out Sigma first when I need new brushes again :)

With the brushes I was sent this sample of one of their eyeshadows. Sigma doesn't sell single shadows but they do have palettes (Flare, Dare and Bare if i remember that correctly, oh and the limited Paris one) which look pretty cool. I got this sample of Shine which is a brilliant black with blue-ish silver glitter. It's very pigmented and looks fantastic, love it!

That's it. Have you ordered from Sigma before? I'll definitely do it again!

xo, Lizzy


  1. cute :D

    ich mache grad ein süßes gewinnspiel.
    kannst gern mitmachen :)

  2. Hey Kate,

    ich habe heute endlich deinen Gewinn von CaDori losgeschickt, also nicht vergessen morgen oder übermorgen mal den Briefkasten zu checken ;)

    Joe ♥

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