Tuesday, September 4, 2012

essence pigments

Hey lovelies!

Yesterday I went to check out the essence colour arts stuff at our local drug store. I didn't really plan on buying anything because I'm usually too lazy to work with loose products, but I really liked some of them and was too curious to not get any.

I picked two of the normal pigments and the one that's basically a loose glitter. At first I only wanted the glitter because I figured it would be great for nail designs but then I totally fell in love with those other two colors.
04 broadway starlet is a nice glittery mix of silver, blue, red, and green particles, with silver making up the biggest percentage. Apart from the glitter particles there aren't any filling pigments or anything which makes it easier to get a nice clean look with these.
06 WOW it's orange is a fantastic color which is at that awesome place between pink and orange where I can never decide which it is. The color actually reminds me a lot of Essie's cute as a button :) The pigment is very pigmented - well, let's go with opaque :D Apart from the orange/pink color it has a gorgeous golden sheen to it, which I didn't notice in the jar but which makes me love this even more!
18 little mermaid is a very vibrant beautiful bright blue. It also has a fantastic color payoff and additionally it stands out with its silver shimmer and turquoise undertone.

The cool thing is that these pigments are currently a limited / trend edition but they are supposed to enter the permanent collection afterwards so if you want more of them, you don't have to spend so much money at once :)
As you can see below (sorry, cellphone pic..) there's a lot of different colors, some more neutral, some as bright as the ones I chose, as well as bases for lips, nails & eyes so you can mix your own favourite product :)

What do you think, are you a fan of pigments?
xo, Lizzy

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